Student Guidelines

Students are expected to conduct themselves in a befitting manner and out of the School premises and follow the guidelines given below –


    • Students are required to wear the Uniform as prescribed by the School on all working days except on celebration days/birth days. The School will send out the prior information in case of celebration/casual days.
      1. The students should wear neatly washed and ironed uniform every day.
      2. The dress on casual days should be decent and comfortable to perform daily activities held in the school. 
      3. During the sports period, student should wear sports attire as informed by the school.
    • Students shall wear the Tennis/sports shoe during the school hours. On a casual day, students should wear sports shoe/belted sandals for their comfortable movement.

Note: Wearing School Identity card is mandatory.


      • Students should trim their nails and maintain it on weekly basis.
      • Boys need to get their hair cut done on regular basis. They are not allowed to colour or spike their hair. 
      • Girls are supposed to tie their hair making two plaits. They are not allowed to colour their hair / leave untied or adorn their hair with coloured hair clips or flowers. 
      • Girls are not allowed to wear long earrings or bangles, apply kajal, mehendi, or nail paint.
      • Body piercing not allowed except one in the ears.
      • Students are not allowed to tattoo on their body.


        • Each student is expected to respect the rights and privileges of the classmates, mentors and other school personnel. 
        • Students are required communicate respectfully and appropriately with others. Inappropriate usage of words and language is subject to disciplinary action. 
        • Student shall value the resources available in the school and take care of it. In case of any harm or damage caused to the school property is subject to penalization and disciplinary action.
        • Student shall cooperate with the classmates, mentors, staff and the school management to maintain discipline, safety and order in the school premises. 
        • Each one should respect the cultural diversity, individuality and the choices, rights and privileges of others.
        • Students shall exhibit their compassion with others in the school.


        Punctuality and regular attendance is insisted upon.

          • Leave of absence must be recorded in the page provided for leave record in the diary only.
          • Students who remain absent for more than 30 days continuously without informing Principal will have names struck off from the rolls. If the student re-admits, shall be treated as a fresh admission and purely under the discretion of the Management.
          • Students are not allowed to leave the school premises without prior permission availed by the Principal, which can be availed only after the submission of written application duly signed by the parent/guardian.
          • Absence from tests and examinations, absence on re-opening and last working day of every term is not encouraged and subject to penalization.
          • 90% of attendance in an academic year is mandatory failing which his/her promotion to the next class may be affected.


            • Students should adhere to the classroom rules set by the class teachers.
            • Students should be attentive in the classroom and shall not disturb the class with inappropriate behaviour. 
            • Taking care of class room property is each student’s responsibility.
            • Students are expected maintain neatness and hygiene in the class room.
            • Behave respectfully with others in the classroom.
            • Bullying/man-handling class/schoolmates is strictly prohibited and subject to severe disciplinary action. 
            • Students should speak softly in corridors and in the classrooms. At no point of time students shall be allowed to scream/shout or speak in raised voice.
            • While going out of the class for using wash rooms during the breaks, for attending Sports, Language classes, Library or Special Activity classes, students should move in a line with an intense discipline.
            • Students should speak only in English except in the Language classes, viz., Kannada, Hindi or Sanskrit.


              • Students not allowed wear wrist watches.
              • Expensive gold ornaments are not allowed. 
              • No student is allowed to bring mobile phone/laptops/tabs/mp3 player or any similar electronic gadget to school. In case of violation, gadgets will be confiscated.
              • In case of need of any electronic gadget, a prior permission should be availed from the Principal and the Class Teacher must be informed about the same.


                • Abusing/discussing/commenting ill of the school, its staff or fellow mates in any form of digital media is prohibited and is subject to suspension or expulsion from the school. 
                • Posting any images of the School events/ students in an inappropriate manner is forbidden and subject to disciplinary action.


                  • Students are assessed through ongoing evaluation and tests held in the classrooms periodically. 
                  • Whole academic year is divided into two terms. Each term will have 2 unit tests followed by a term-end examination. 
                  • Along with paper-pen test, students are awarded marks for their regularity in completing assignments, participation in classroom activities, punctuality and regularity. 
                  • Intimation about paper-pen test will be sent one week prior through this diary along with the portions covered.
                  • Report card and answer sheets will be sent to the parents to understand whereabouts of the student in academics.


                  • Students should be at their bus stops five minutes before their respective arrival time allotted by the Transport department.
                  • Students to be seated in their respective seats after boarding. Students are not allowed to stand or move in the bus while it is moving.
                  • Students are expected to respect the staff and abide by the instruction given by them.
                  • Bullying, abusing or manhandling each other in the bus is an unacceptable behaviour.
                  • Students should not keep their hands or any other part of the body outside the bus.
                  • Students will get up from their seats only after reaching their respective stop.


                      • At Royal Public School, homework is an extension of the knowledge acquired in the classroom. They are designed to encourage higher order thinking in the students. 
                      • Students will be given adequate time to complete the same. Punctuality and regularity in homework and assignments is highly appreciated.
                      • Homework and assignments will carry the marks as directed by the NCERT. 

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