Parent Guidelines

For an effective learning  of a child, cooperation and coordination of the parents with school is highly looked-for. Hence, we request you to please follow the guidelines given below for the safe and effective conduct of the school.


  • Parents are required to go through the guidelines given in this diary and guide their child to abide by the rules set by the School.
  • The every day’s class room activities are mentioned in the School diary. For effective communication, parents are expected to follow –
    1. Go through the diary note given every day and acknowledge the same.
    2. For any concern please communicate with the teachers through the diary.
    3. All the details required should be filled by the parents appropriately- the student details, Medical records etc., – this will help the school to ensure safety and wellness of the students in and outside the school.

Parent-Teacher Meeting

    • The Parent-Teacher Meeting is an essential means of communication with the parent as Performance/Behavioural feedback of the child is communicated during PTMs, which will help us to ensure overall development of the child. 

Parents to follow –

      • The timing allotted to them for meeting
      • To give your valuable suggestions/feedback.

Dispersal and Early Leaving

    • Parents will be issued fetcher identity card. Students will be sent only on production of fetcher Identity card.
    • To leave early from the school, permission should be availed from the Principal. In case of emergency, parents should either send a written requisition through the diary or contact front office in person.


    • All the important matters related to academics, events, assessments etc., will be communicated to the parents regularly through the circulars. Parents are expected to go through the circulars carefully and follow the same

school hours

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